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Do you ever wonder who plants and maintains the wonderful Western Conservancy gardens at Pep Boys?--- We do.

What about the delicious baked goods you will find at the municipal building on election day? You're right- we do!!!

Whether your interest is in supporting women's shelters, the Veterans Hospitals, or any of many other volunteer activities, you will find our members helping their neighbors and families. Add to that interesting programs, fund raisers, and a great society of women and you can't go wrong.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Century Club shall be to maintain an organized center for women's activities, to promote any work for the civic, social and educational development of the community, and to promote the program of the General Federation of Women's Clubs..

Spaghetti Dinner 2004
A Satisfied Customer

Meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of the Month from September to May.
7:30 p.m.
The Irene Pohl Municpal Building
110 Peffer Road
Wilkins Township, PA
Our Annual Holiday Reciprocity
Cover Dish Dinner
 The Woodland Hills
Chamber Choir 
December 13, 2005
6:00 p.m.
Please call Clair Stitzell or Ginny Maggiore if you plan to attend, or e-mail us at

Spaghetti Dinner 2004
Selling chances!!!

Organization News

November, 2005
The  election day bake-sale was very successful!  We made $440 on the baked goods and $210 on the Thanksgiving basket raffle.  A few customers told Kathie Strait that they only vote in order to buy our baked goods. The winner of the Thanksgiving Basket was Sharon Boson of Las Vegas.  What a great souvenir of her visit to Wilkins!   I want to thank all our clubwomen for the goodies, but I especially want to thank Kathie Strait and Eve Frysinger for their superwomen efforts.  Not only did they spend all day selling cookies and raffle tickets, but I bet half of our baked goods were made by either Ev or Kathie.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!    
The November Brown Bag Auction not only garnered lots of giggles, but raised $107 to beneifit the Safe Haven Animal Shelter located in White Oak, PA.
Finally, we raised more than $270 from the Avon Book Sale.  Thank you, ladies- we will have the prettiest members around!!!!

Christmas Ornaments

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